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Ariston Boiler sp1 Error

error sp1 boiler ariston

What is the fault of the sp1 Ariston error affecting your boiler?

Ariston boilers are efficient and of very good quality equipment, offering performance and energy savings that can help you save a good amount of money on your monthly bills. But like all electronic devices, they can have malfunctions that are reflected in error codes that appear on your boiler's screen. These error codes are used to identify the origin of the problem and facilitate its repair.

It's important that before proceeding with the article we truly define if your error code is SP1 or 5P1. You might have confused the number "5" with the letter "S".

This SP1 error code that might be affecting your Ariston boiler can be quite common and we want to explain why it might arise and how we can solve it. This error code indicates that there is a failure in the gas supply and/or in the ignition of the boiler or flame, preventing the water supply from heating up.

The sp1 error code shown by your Ariston boiler can be due to several reasons, which we detail below:

  • Lack of gas: It could be that the gas supply is cut off or the pressure is insufficient to feed the boiler. This can happen due to a leak or a problem in the distribution of the gas itself.
  • Electricity failure: There's a chance that the plug or power cable is damaged or disconnected. It could also be a problem if the electric supply is insufficient because the fuse or breaker can't handle the boiler's load.
  • Ignition failure: It's possible that the electronic ignition system is defective or dirty, which might prevent the spark that starts the gas combustion from being generated.
  • A combustion flame failure: Perhaps the burner or electrode are dirty, worn out, or not properly regulated. Obviously, this prevents maintaining a stable and adequate flame.
  • Sensor failure: Maybe the flame sensor or the temperature sensor is damaged or poorly connected, preventing the boiler from correctly detecting the combustion and water status.

How to fix the sp1 error of the Ariston boiler?

Fortunately, none of the malfunctions related to this error code are serious, and you don't have to throw your boiler away. There are some solutions you can try before calling Ariston's technical service. We'll explain them to you below:

  1. First, try restarting your boiler: The first thing you should do is turn the boiler off and then on, by pressing the reset button or unplugging it from the electrical outlet for a few minutes. This can resolve some temporary glitches or system lockups.
  2. Check the gas supply: Make sure the gas supply is active and the pressure is sufficient. To do this, you can turn on other gas appliances, such as the stove or oven, and see if they all work correctly. You can also check the boiler's pressure gauge and adjust the pressure if necessary.
  3. Check the boiler's electric supply: Ensure there's electricity and that the plug and power cable are in good condition and properly connected. You can test this with another electrical device or with a multimeter.
  4. Verify the appropriate amperage for your boiler: If you have your boiler connected with other devices, it's likely that the amperage is insufficient, and you might have to disconnect some devices. We recommend having an exclusive and dedicated outlet for your Ariston boiler.
  5. Clean the ignition: You can clean the ignition system with a brush or a cloth dampened with electronic cleaner. Remove any dirt or residue that might prevent spark generation.
  6. Clean the connector or the flame controller: Use a brush or a damp cloth to clean the burner, injector, and electrode to remove any dirt or residue that might hinder the formation and maintenance of the flame.
  7. Check the sensors: Test the flame sensor and the temperature sensor using a multimeter or tester, verifying their correct operation and connection. If they're damaged or poorly connected, you should replace or adjust them.
  8. Repeat the previous steps if the problem persists: If the SP1 error code still appears on your Ariston boiler after all the above actions, you can try repeating the steps from the beginning. This time, make sure you follow everything precisely.
  9. Consult Ariston's technical support: If the SP1 error code remains unresolved, then contact Ariston's official technical service. Sometimes it's better for a qualified professional to inspect your boiler and repair it in a much safer manner.

In summary, this sp1 error code is an issue affecting Ariston boilers, indicating a failure in the gas supply and/or the boiler or flame ignition. To solve it, you can follow these steps:

  • Restart the boiler
  • Check the gas
  • Check the electricity
  • Clean the ignition
  • Clean the flame
  • Inspect the sensors

We hope this article has been helpful and that you've been able to resolve the sp1 error code on your Ariston boiler. Remember to maintain your boiler regularly to ensure its proper functioning and extend its lifespan.

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