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Domusa Boiler Error 06

domusa boiler error 06

What does the Domusa boiler mean when it displays this error on screen?

Domusa gas boilers are reliable equipment, but they may occasionally experience errors and malfunctions that may require our attention. Error code 06 is one of the most common in Domusa boilers and is related to ignition problems in the device.

If your boiler doesn't start, doesn't ignite, and/or displays this code, you don't need to worry, because today we're going to explain in detail what causes this problem and what the solutions to fix it definitively are.

This fault that occurs in Domusa boilers indicates a safety lock due to an ignition failure. However, this problem can occur after a prolonged period of inactivity of the boiler or even on the first ignition after installation. The good news is that there are solutions to solve this problem and get your boiler up and running again.

To understand the problem in depth, you first need to know the causes of this problem:

  • A dirty and/or damaged electrode: The electrode is responsible for the ignition spark. If it's damaged or dirty, the boiler won't function or ignite correctly.
  • Issues with the internal wiring: Wiring problems can affect communication between the boiler components, making it very difficult to ignite and/or operate correctly.
  • An inactive gas supply: As basic as it may seem, if there's no gas available or you have supply issues, the boiler won't be able to ignite no matter what you do.
  • A problematic ionization probe: The ionization probe is the component that measures the presence of your boiler's flame. If this probe is very dirty or damaged, the boiler won't function correctly.
  • A fault in the electronic PCB board: The electronic board or PCB controller is the one that manages all the boiler's functions. If it's damaged or has issues, it will obviously display an error on the screen.

These are all the causes that can lead to this fault appearing in your Domusa boiler. But don't worry, let's now see how we could resolve this problem.

How could the error code 06 be solved in Domusa boilers?

So that you can solve this fault that your Domusa boiler has, we have prepared for you a list of solutions that, if you follow to the letter, you will be able to find the solution to this fault.

  1. Turning off and disconnecting the boiler can help solve the problem, as it resets its sensors: Turn off your boiler completely and disconnect it from the power outlet for a few minutes. Wait for at least 15 minutes and then reconnect the boiler. This procedure resets the boiler's sensors and can eliminate any temporary errors the device may have. Turn it back on and check if the error has disappeared. If the problem persists, then you'll need to proceed with the following steps.
  2. Check the gas supply reaching your Domusa boiler: Ensure that there is gas available and that the shut-off valve is fully open. If you suspect that the pipes may be obstructed or something similar, then open the valve of another gas-using appliance to check, whether it's a gas stove or a gas grill. Verify if the supply is truly active; otherwise, contact the company supplying your service to check if the issue is due to a billing detail or scheduled maintenance in your area.
  3. Clean the electrode of your Domusa boiler and calibrate it if necessary: Locate the electrode of your boiler and clean it carefully to remove any dirt or residue. Also, check that it's properly leveled and calibrated to produce a good spark and ignition. Make the necessary corrections according to the Domusa manufacturer's manual and following the instructions for your boiler's specific model. Once you've corrected the electrode, check if the error has disappeared.
  4. Inspect the internal wiring of your Domusa boiler and ensure it's in perfect condition: If you haven't used your boiler for a long time, a rodent may have chewed on some of the wires. It's also possible that the wiring protections have given way due to the boiler's excess temperature or that moisture has sulfated the connections. Therefore, you need to check all the wiring of your boiler, from end to end, wire by wire, and connection by connection to ensure it's in optimal operating condition. Once you've made the necessary repairs, verify if the error has disappeared from your boiler.
  5. Ensure that the ionization probe is in good condition to function: If the probe is very dirty, then it's time for preventive maintenance. This probe is responsible for reading whether there is a flame in the ignition of your boiler. If the probe is very dirty, remove it from the boiler and clean it carefully. You can use a soft cloth dampened with alcohol or electronic cleaner to assist you with this task. Once you've cleaned the probe, check if the error in your boiler has disappeared, or if not, then you'll need to replace it with one of the same model that is compatible with your Domusa boiler.
  6. Do you have electronics knowledge? Inspect the electronic PCB board of your Domusa boiler: Use a multimeter and check each of the components connected to the electronic PCB board of your boiler, as well as resistors, capacitors, etc. Some of these components may not be sending the correct values, or they may already be defective and need to be replaced. Before replacing any of these components, visually inspect them in case they are sulfated or if they are burned or swollen, as a simple maintenance may fix the problem. If not, then you'll need to replace these components or replace the electronic board entirely.
  7. If the problem persists with your boiler, meticulously review each step we've explained in this article: Make sure you haven't overlooked any of the steps mentioned in this guide. If you still can't find the solution, then perhaps it's time to seek help from an expert. A qualified professional or Domusa's official technical service can diagnose and resolve the problem accurately.
  8. If the problem has become too difficult, you can always rely on the help of Domusa experts: A qualified technician or Domusa's official technical service will help you fix your boiler's fault in record time. With their experience, knowledge, and the right tools, they will guarantee an effective repair for your boiler.

In summary, the error code 06 in Domusa brand boilers tells us that there are problems with the ignition of the appliance. This failure can be caused by different causes that can be a problem with the gas supply, problems with the electrode, failure of the ionization probe, internal wiring problems and/or problems with the boiler's PCB electronic card. And to solve it, you have to follow all the steps that we have indicated in this guide.

We hope to have been very helpful to you today, and also that you have been able to solve this problem without further delay. Remember that good preventive maintenance can be the solution to all the problems that may arise with your boiler. Good luck and until next time!

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