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Hoover Washing machine Error 14

hoover washing machine error 14

What could this problem with your Hoover washing machine mean?

Oh no! Are you in the middle of a washing cycle and suddenly encounter a frustrating error like error code 14 on your Hoover washing machine? Well, you don't have much to worry about, because you have us! This error code is usually related to a fault in the water heating system, which means your washing machine can't reach the correct temperature to wash clothes properly.

While this problem may seem complicated to solve, it's not so much, because there are some steps you can take to try to fix it yourself without the need to call Hoover technical support. In this article we've prepared for you, we'll guide you step by step through the possible causes and solutions to this problem with your Hoover washing machine.

It's important to know the causes of this problem before proceeding with the solutions. Please pay attention to the possible causes:

  • Faulty heating element or resistor: The heating element is the component responsible for heating the water in the washing machine. If the heating element is damaged, burnt, or very dirty (covered in limescale or anything else), it won't be able to heat the water correctly and will generate an error on the screen.
  • Problems with the temperature sensor: The temperature sensor is responsible for measuring the water temperature in the drum. If the sensor doesn't work properly or is poorly calibrated, it can send incorrect information to the electronic board as a false positive and trigger an error on the screen.
  • Problems with the internal wiring of your washing machine: The cables connecting the heating element, temperature sensor, and PCB electronic board may be damaged, broken, corroded, or have poor contact. This can prevent the electrical signal from being transmitted correctly and generate errors in your washing machine.
  • Faulty PCB electronic board: The PCB electronic board is the "brain" of the washing machine and is responsible for controlling the operation of the heating element and temperature sensor. If the electronic board is not working properly, it can send incorrect information to the components and trigger errors on the screen.

Now, let's see what solutions you could apply yourself to find an appropriate solution to this problem.

Could an effective solution be found for error code 14 of the Hoover washing machine?

We have prepared a list of possible solutions that can help you fix this issue with your Hoover washing machine. Just make sure to follow the steps to the letter and don't skip any of them, as they are all important:

  1. Maybe your washing machine just needs a rest, let's turn it off and disconnect it for a while: Your washing machine may be in need of a break after working hard to wash your clothes. So let's restart it to refresh the sensors, and to do this, you just need to turn off your washing machine completely and disconnect it from the power outlet. Wait for about 15 minutes and then turn it on again to check if the error has disappeared when you start a short washing cycle. If the problem persists, don't worry, we'll continue to delve into the problem until we find a solution.
  2. Clean the heating element or resistor that heats the water in your Hoover washing machine: The resistor may be very dirty, covered in limescale or accumulation of dried soap. You need to remove any foreign object that you think may be interfering with the proper functioning of this component. Perform preventive maintenance on this part and make sure it is clean and functioning properly. You can use a brush with bristles to help you with this task. Reassemble it and check if the error has disappeared when you start a washing cycle in your Hoover washing machine.
  3. Check the temperature sensor with a multimeter and make sure it's in good condition: Disconnect the washing machine from the power grid and locate the temperature sensor. Use your knowledge of electronics and a multimeter to measure the resistance of the sensor. If you notice that the temperature sensor is outside the normal values, then you will need to replace it with a new one compatible with your Hoover washing machine.
  4. Check the internal wiring of your Hoover washing machine and make sure it's in good condition: Believe it or not, sometimes rodents think your washing machine is a good home for them, as it's dark and warm, and the cables can be a source of food or distraction for them. You need to check all the wiring your washing machine uses to operate. Make sure it's not cut, bitten, disconnected, or showing signs of burns. If you notice any damaged cables, then you will need to make the necessary repairs. Also, check the connections of your washing machine's wiring and make sure there is no sulfate or corrosion. If you have detected sulfate and corrosion in the connections, then you will need to perform maintenance to remove it completely.
  5. Check the PCB electronic board of your Hoover washing machine to make sure everything is fine: Before starting to check this component, make sure the washing machine is turned off and disconnected. Open the access panel, either the front or the top, to get to the heart of your washing machine. Once inside, examine the electronic board for signs of visual damage, such as charred, fractured, or detached components. If you detect visible anomalies, it is most likely that you will need to obtain a replacement compatible with your specific model of Hoover washing machine. To confirm your diagnosis, use a multimeter to check the continuity of the electronic components.
  6. If you have followed all the previous instructions and the problem persists, it's time to check everything again: Pay more attention to detail this time and repeat each step we have provided to make sure you haven't missed anything or overlooked any detail. Sometimes, a small oversight can be the cause of the problem. Check if the error has disappeared from your Hoover washing machine once you have reviewed everything we have mentioned. If the problem still persists, consider contacting Hoover technical support for a more thorough and comprehensive review.
  7. If you haven't been able to solve it on your own, then it's time to call Hoover technical support: If after trying all the above solutions the problem still persists, it is likely to be a more complex fault that requires professional and qualified review. At this point, it is advisable to request a home visit from Hoover technical service. A qualified technician will be able to examine your washing machine in detail and offer you a definitive solution to this problem. You are in very good hands, don't be discouraged and continue to the end, your washing machine deserves a second chance.

In summary, we know that error code 14 on a Hoover washing machine can be caused by various reasons, such as a fault in the heating element or resistor, problems with the temperature sensor, faults in the PCB electronic board, and problems with the wiring. To fix this error, you have to follow the steps outlined in this article.

And that's it! When it comes to giving your washing machine a loving maintenance, you just can't avoid it and you have to do it. We hope we have been very helpful and useful to you today in solving this problem you had or have with your Hoover washing machine. Thanks for staying with us and have a happy washing.

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