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Siemens Induction plaque Error 22

siemens induction plaque error 22

What is this fault affecting your Siemens induction hob?

Oh no! An error 22 on your Siemens induction hob that stops you from cooking and leaves you hungry? Well, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Siemens induction hobs, while high quality, can occasionally have issues, especially if they haven't been properly maintained. But don't worry, in most cases, the solution is very simple.

The error code 22 indicates that there is a communication failure between the PCB electronic board and the control panel (touch pad) of your induction hob. In other words, we have a serious problem with the touch panel of our cooktop, and it won't allow us to cook until we resolve it. This fault can cause the appliance to not function properly or not respond to your commands. In fact, it might not even turn on, while other basic functions like the clock might work correctly.

But the thing is, you need to cook because you already have a clock to tell the time. Therefore, here are the possible causes that might be causing this problem:

  • Dirt on the touch control panel: The accumulation of grease or dirt can prevent the sensors on the panel from working correctly and not respond to your instructions.
  • An electrical fault: There might have been a power issue, like an overvoltage, that has affected the induction hob.
  • A bad internal connection: You will need to check the cables that connect the electronic board and the control panel. One of them might be loose or in poor condition.
  • A fault in the electronic board or control panel (touch pad): In some cases, the problem might be with the electronic board or the control panel itself.

If you have this fault on your induction hob, it's likely due to one of these causes. Now, let's find the right solution!

Can the error 22 of the Siemens induction hob be fixed?

We have good news for you: this problem can be solved. To continue using your induction hob, just follow these steps. Follow them carefully and don't skip any:

  1. Restart the induction hob to refresh the sensors: The simplest procedure is this one. Restarting the induction hob can give it the push it needs to initialize correctly and come back to life like magic. To achieve this, turn off your induction hob completely and disconnect it from the electrical outlet for at least 10 to 15 minutes. After the time has passed, reconnect it and turn on your induction hob to see if the fault has disappeared.
  2. If you have spilled any type of liquid on the induction hob, wait until it is completely dry: Did you spill water or some type of liquid on the cooktop? In this case, we recommend drying it with a dry, absorbent cloth and waiting until it is completely dry before turning it on to check if the problem persists. There is a possibility that the induction hob has some condensation or moisture among its components, especially those controlling the touch panel, preventing its use to avoid further damage.
  3. Clean the control panel well with a soft, damp cloth: Remove any dirt or grease that might interfere with the operation of the touch sensors. Your induction hob might just need a bit of care to work properly, so proceed with this cleaning. Make sure not to use any harsh products to clean it, such as bleach or chlorine. Dry the control panel well before using it again.
  4. Check the connections and cables between the electronic board and the touch panel: You will need to open the induction hob and ensure that there are no loose, broken, corroded, or burnt cables. If necessary, replace any defective cables and/or tighten their connections. It is important that this wiring is in perfect condition so that the induction hob can work without problems. If any of these cables are not in good condition, it could disrupt the communication between the PCB electronic board and the touch panel, causing this fault.
  5. Check the condition of the PCB electronic board and the control panel: If, after checking the wiring, the problem persists, then you will need to inspect the condition of the PCB electronic board and the control panel of your induction hob. However, to carry out this task, you will need a multimeter and advanced electronics knowledge to detect any anomalies in the board and repair them. If you find any burnt, broken, or damaged components, you will need to replace them with new ones or contact a specialized Siemens service technician.
  6. Perform preventive maintenance on the PCB electronic board and the control panel: Disconnect your induction hob from the power supply for greater safety while working. Are you brave enough to open the induction hob to expose the electronic board and touch panel? If so, then do it and perform maintenance on these components using a soft-bristle brush and an electronic cleaner. If you have or can access an ultrasonic cleaner with distilled water, it's a good idea to pass these components through it to rule out issues with both boards and perform a thorough cleaning. Once you have finished, reassemble everything and check if the error has disappeared.
  7. Repeat all the previous steps and ensure you follow everything to the letter if the problem persists: Just to rule it out, you can perform a second check of everything described above. Sometimes, it may be necessary to carry out several tests to find the exact cause of the error and fix it. Pay special attention to details and follow the steps meticulously this time. Make sure all cables are connected properly and everything is cleaned well. If the problem still persists, it might be time to call in the Siemens experts.
  8. Request a review of your induction hob from Siemens technical support: If, after following all the previous steps, the fault still appears in the appliance, then the problem is probably more complex than expected and will require the review of a qualified professional. Please take the induction hob to a Siemens service center to ensure it is in good hands. You can also coordinate a home visit if that is more convenient for you. We are confident that Siemens has the knowledge and tools to do this job, so do not hesitate to contact them and give your induction hob a new lease on life.

In summary and to conclude, we know that this error 22 in Siemens induction hobs is due to a communication failure between the electronic board and the control panel. This means that the touch panel will not function properly. The causes of this fault may include a very dirty cooktop preventing the touch panel from reading correctly, electrical faults, internal wiring in poor condition, or even a problematic electronic board. To fix this fault, we recommend following all the steps we have indicated above.

It may be that a simple maintenance procedure is all you need to have your induction hob ready to cook again. Give it a try and see if you can fix it yourself by performing preventive maintenance and cleaning everything well. Don't stay without cooking!

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