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Error C6 Heater Bosch

error c6 heater bosch

What is the fault of the C6 error in Bosch that is affecting your heater?

Have you encountered the C6 error code on your Bosch or Junkers heater? If so, don't worry. In this article, we will explain what this error may signify, its possible causes, and how you can quickly and easily resolve it.

The C6 error code indicates that there is a problem with the exhaust and/or smoke evacuation of the heater. This means that the duct through which combustion gases exit is blocked or has a leak, preventing the heater from functioning correctly and posing a risk to your health and safety.

To avoid this problem, it's important to periodically check the condition of the smoke evacuation duct and clean it if it's dirty or filled with residues. Additionally, ensure that the duct has the correct length and diameter according to the manufacturer's specifications and does not have bends or elbows that hinder gas flow.

What can cause the smoke evacuation duct to become blocked or have leaks? Generally, these types of errors occur after the heater has been unused for a considerable amount of time. For example, after the summer when winter begins, and you intend to use the heater. This issue can be attributed to various causes, as outlined below:

  • The presence of birds, insects, or other animals nesting or entering the duct, blocking it with their excrement or debris.
  • The accumulation of soot, dust, dirt, or other materials adhering to the walls of the duct, reducing its cross-section.
  • The deterioration or damage to the duct over time, due to weather conditions, impacts, or vibrations.
  • The incorrect installation of the exhaust duct, not complying with technical standards or the manufacturer's instructions.
  • The lack of adequate ventilation in the location where the heater is installed, hindering air renewal and creating negative pressure that hampers gas discharge.

How to fix the C6 error in the Bosch heater?

Now that you know what are the possible causes that can cause the C6 error code to appear on your Bosch heater, we assume that you are wondering how you are going to be able to solve it. Well, here are some possible solutions that you can try yourself before calling technical support:

  1. Restart the heater to reset the sensors: Sometimes, the C6 error code may appear due to a specific or temporary failure of sensors that detect pressure or gas flow. In this case, simply turning off and on the heater can reset the sensors and make them function correctly again. You can also turn off the heater completely, disconnect it from the power outlet for a few minutes, and then reconnect it. Now, turn it on and check if the error code has disappeared completely.
  2. Inspect and clean the smoke evacuation duct: It is likely that the duct is blocked or has a leak. To resolve this, examine the entire path of the duct from the heater to the exterior and remove any elements that may be blocking or damaging it. Additionally, clean the inside of the duct with a brush or vacuum cleaner to eliminate any residue that may be hindering the gas discharge. Typically, this duct tends to accumulate spider webs, branches, or twigs from birds attempting to nest in it.
  3. Check the fan of your heater, the pressure switch, and/or the electronic PCB board: Although less common, the C6 error code could also result from a failure in one of these heater components. The fan is responsible for pushing gases outside, the pressure switch measures gas pressure, and the electronic PCB board controls the entire operation of the heater. If any of these components is defective or damaged, it can prevent the heater from functioning correctly and display the C6 error code. To address this, inspect each of these components with a multimeter or pressure gauge and check if they are functioning properly. You can perform preventive maintenance using a soft-bristle brush and electronic cleaner. If any of these components is found to be defective, you may need to replace them with new ones or repair them if possible.
  4. Repeat all the previous steps if the problem persists: It wouldn't hurt to double-check everything mentioned earlier. If after trying all the previous solutions you still see the C6 error code on your heater, repeat all the steps from the beginning and ensure you have followed them correctly. Sometimes, there may be more than one cause for this error, and it may be necessary to apply more than one solution to completely resolve it.
  5. Contact Bosch technical support to resolve the problem: If none of the above solutions work and the C6 error code continues to appear on your heater, it is advisable to contact Bosch technical support and request assistance from a qualified professional. Don't worry! You are in good hands. We are confident that they can diagnose the problem more accurately and provide the most suitable solution for your case.

In summary, the C6 error code indicates that there is a problem with the outlet and/or evacuation of smoke from the Bosch or Junkers brand heater. The possible causes of this error are: An obstruction or leak in the smoke evacuation duct, a failure in the fan, a failure in the pressure switch or a failure of the electronic PCB board. The possible solutions that you can apply to solve this failure are the following:

  • Restart the heater to reset the sensors
  • Check and clean the smoke evacuation duct
  • Check your heater fan, pressure switch and/or PCB electronic board
  • Repeat all the previous steps if the problem persists
  • Go to Bosch technical support to solve the problem

And that's it! The C6 error code on Bosch and Junkers heaters is relatively easy to solve. We hope this article has been useful to you and that you have been able to solve the C6 error code on your heater. Good luck and until next time!

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