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Fagor Washing machine Error f07

fagor washing machine error f07

What does this failure mean for my Fagor washing machine?

Hello! You have to be careful when using an unsuitable detergent for your washing machine, or using too much soap, as this can cause temporary problems in your Fagor washing machine. Today we're going to talk about the f07 error code that affects washing machines of this brand and how you can solve it very effectively.

This fault that appears on the screen of your Fagor washing machine is a sign of excess foam inside the drum, or that there is a problem with the sensors that detect the water level or the pressure switch. But in order to find an adequate solution, we will first identify the causes that can cause it, and then, we will see the solutions that we will apply to fix this problem.

  • An excess of foam inside your washing machine: If you have put too much soap in your washing machine, you can try using less. Foam causes the sensors to jump, since air accumulates inside the foam that the sensors detect as if the washing machine has a problem, when in reality it is not.
  • An unsuitable or incompatible soap with your washing machine: If you are using a soap that is not for washing machines or for washing clothes, this may be the problem. Using other types of soaps can generate much denser foam than normal, causing the sensors to trigger erroneously.
  • A clogged drainage filter or pump in your washing machine: The drainage filter or the drainage pump itself may be clogged with foreign objects that should not be there. These objects can be coins, clips, lint, or other things that prevent the water from passing through.
  • A drain hose clogged, bent, or crushed: The drain hose of your Fagor washing machine could be blocked by some object or have an obstruction. You should also check if it is bent or crushed against the wall or even against the washing machine itself.
  • A fault in the water level sensor: A fault in this sensor can cause the washing machine to not detect the correct water level, although excess foam can also cause it to read incorrect values and send false positives to the electronic card causing the washing machine to stop by mistake.
  • Problems with the internal wiring of your washing machine: A fault in the internal wiring that connects the drainage pump or the water level sensor to the PCB electronic board can generate these types of faults in your washing machine.

These have been the causes of your problem! But today you're in luck, as this fault can be very easy to fix. If you want to know how you can solve this problem, you'll have to stay with us and keep reading.

How can I find a solution to the f07 error code of my Fagor washing machine?

Here's a list of solutions so you can continue using your Fagor washing machine normally. Please carefully follow all the steps we're going to provide below and do not skip any of them:

  1. Restart your Fagor washing machine and disconnect it from the power supply: Turn off and disconnect the washing machine for a reset that refreshes the sensors. This error could originate from an electronic failure rather than a mechanical problem, and restarting the equipment may be the key to finding the solution. Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply, wait at least 15 minutes, and reconnect it. Start a short washing cycle to check if the error has been corrected. If the problem persists, then please continue reading and we will move on to the next steps until we find a solution.
  2. Use less soap to avoid excess foam or use a soap that is suitable for your washing machine: There are special soaps for washing machines, we recommend using this type of soap to avoid problems since an unsuitable soap can generate foam that is denser than normal. Try using less soap, remember that excess foam is the enemy of your washing machine's sensors, as they can trigger errors like false positives. Consult the user manual of your Fagor washing machine to verify that you are indeed using the correct soap and the appropriate amount of detergent for each type of clothing, load of clothes, and washing cycle.
  3. Perform maintenance on the filter of your Fagor washing machine: Make sure the filter is not clogged with debris or foreign objects. This filter is designed to filter water, not solids like coins or clips. A clogged filter prevents proper water flow, causing errors. Open the bottom compartment, locate and remove the filter, clean it with water, soap, and a little vinegar, and use a soft brush if necessary. If the filter is damaged, replace it with a new one compatible with your Fagor washing machine model.
  4. Check the drainage pump of your Fagor washing machine after checking the filter: The drainage pump is responsible for removing water from the drum at the end of the washing cycle. If an object blocks it, the water will not exit the drum, causing errors to appear on the screen. Open the bottom panel, locate the pump, and clean it to ensure nothing is stuck. If it does not work well, consider replacing it with a new one compatible with your Fagor washing machine.
  5. Check the drainage hose of your Fagor washing machine: The drainage hose must be free of bends or damage to function properly. Disconnect it and check it thoroughly, make sure it is not also bent or pressed against the wall or even against the washing machine itself. If it is broken, replace it with a new one without thinking twice. If you notice that it is bent, adjust it to ensure free water flow. If you think it might be clogged, use a thin wire to clear it and blow through it to remove anything that might be blocking it.
  6. Check the water level sensor of your Fagor washing machine (Pressure switch): The water level sensor regulates the activation of the drainage pump. If the sensor is failing, it can send incorrect signals and throw errors on the screen. So you will have to locate it and measure it with a multimeter to check that it is working correctly. If you have electronics knowledge and notice that this sensor is definitely failing, then consider replacing it with a new one compatible with your Fagor washing machine model.
  7. Check the internal wiring of your Fagor washing machine: Make sure that the wiring of your washing machine is intact and in perfect condition. It often happens that rodents can damage the cables, so inspect and replace any cables that may be deteriorated. Also, check the connections to ensure there is no sulfate or corrosion. Make the necessary repairs and then reconnect everything as it was. Once you have checked all this, check if the error in your washing machine persists.
  8. Perform a general checkup or contact Fagor technical support: If after checking all of the above, the problem persists, then go through each of the steps we have mentioned, but this time in more detail. If the error continues, contact Fagor technical support for a professional review and a definitive solution. Do not manipulate the washing machine beyond what is suggested to avoid further damage and/or loss of warranty. Request the visit of a qualified technician for a more thorough inspection, as if your washing machine has a serious problem, it would be best to check it with the appropriate knowledge and tools for this task.

To conclude, we know that the f07 error code on Fagor washing machines indicates a problem of excess foam inside the washing machine. The most common causes can be the use of an unsuitable soap, too much soap during the washing cycle, a clogged filter, a clogged, bent, crushed, or damaged hose, a clogged or damaged drainage pump, a failure in the water level sensor, or a problem in the internal wiring.

As you may have noticed, there are different causes that can cause this problem. However, we believe that the main cause is excess foam. To solve this fault, please follow the steps we have indicated in our advice guide.

That's all for today! Thank you very much for reading this far, and we hope we have been very helpful in solving this problem so you can continue using your washing machine normally. Remember to always read the user manual to understand how your Fagor washing machine works and how you can get the most out of it. Good luck and happy washing!

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