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Sanyo Air-Conditioning h6 Error

sanyo air-conditioning h6 error

What does this malfunction mean for the Sanyo air conditioner?

A malfunction that can be easy to fix, but still frustrating at the same time. Have you seen the h6 error code on your Sanyo air conditioner? Then you are in the right place to find the solution, as today we will explain the causes of this issue and the solutions we can apply to fix this malfunction.

This problem, which can appear in Sanyo air conditioners, indicates that there is a problem with the fan motor of the indoor unit. The fan is responsible for distributing cool air throughout the space where it is installed, so if it doesn’t function properly, the performance of your air conditioner will decrease and it will not be as efficient, showing you the error on the screen.

Simply put, this issue tells you that there are problems with the fan of your air conditioner. Whether it's a problem with the fan itself, the wiring that connects it, the motor, or simply something blocking it. This malfunction can be caused by various reasons, including the following:

  • The fan of the indoor unit is blocked by dirt or some object: When was the last time you did maintenance on your air conditioner? This might be the problem, as it could have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt in its rotors, causing it to get blocked.
  • A failure in the fan speed sensor: A broken or malfunctioning sensor can send wrong signals to the electronic board, changing the fan speed and causing it to stop.
  • A failure in the fan motor capacitor: The capacitor may be failing, preventing the motor from starting or maintaining prolonged operation. You will need to check it.
  • A failure in the wiring or electrical connections of the indoor unit: Bad wiring or corroded connections will hinder good communication between the components of your Sanyo air conditioner.
  • Wear or damage to the fan motor itself: After performing preventive maintenance, you will need to check if this motor is in good condition. The fan should be able to spin freely without any issues or obstructions.

All these are the causes that can lead to such a malfunction in Sanyo air conditioners. But don't worry, because we are going to explain how you could solve this issue.

How to fix the H6 error malfunction on the Sanyo air conditioner?

To solve this issue with your Sanyo air conditioner, you can follow the steps we’ll outline below:

  1. Turn off and disconnect the air conditioner from the power source to reset the sensors: Sometimes, this simple solution can fix this annoying issue. You have nothing to lose by trying it, except for just 15 minutes of your time, so let’s go ahead. To do this, you need to turn off your air conditioner completely and disconnect it from the power source for about 15 minutes. After this time, reconnect it and wait for the voltage protector to indicate that you can turn it back on. Turn on your Sanyo air conditioner and check if the problem has been resolved. If the problem persists, then we will check the fan.
  2. Check the fan of your air conditioner and make sure it can rotate freely: Perhaps all your air conditioner needs is a preventive maintenance, especially for the fan. You need to make sure that the fan is free of dust and dirt and free from obstacles that could block it while it spins. Check that there are no obstructions, accumulated dust, or even dead animals or insects that could be blocking its mechanism. If necessary, disassemble it and clean it thoroughly. This might be the issue causing the error code to appear on your air conditioner.
  3. Check the fan speed sensor and make sure it is not dirty, loose, or damaged: It is possible that this speed sensor is not in good working condition, so we recommend thoroughly checking it with a multimeter and performing preventive maintenance if necessary. Clean this sensor with a soft cloth dampened with electronic cleaner, do not use water for this procedure. If this sensor is not working, you will need to replace it with a new one that is compatible with your Sanyo air conditioner model.
  4. Check the motor capacitor and make sure it is not burned out or damaged: Use a multimeter to check if the capacitor is in operational condition to function correctly. This component must be in perfect condition for the motor to spin the fan and handle all the workload you demand from your air conditioner. If necessary, replace it with a new and compatible one.
  5. Check the wiring and electrical connections of the motor of the fan and the air conditioner in general: Make sure that the wiring and connections are not broken, loose, corroded, or burned. Repair or replace anything you see that might be interfering with the proper functioning of your air conditioner. The wiring is what allows electrical communication between the components, so it must be in good condition, without exception.
  6. Check the fan motor and make sure it is not blocked, dirty, or damaged: The fan motor is a key component for the rotation mechanism of the fan. If this motor does not work properly, your air conditioner will display errors on the screen. Thoroughly inspect this motor and diagnose it using a multimeter to check its electrical connections and wiring. If it is very dirty, perform preventive maintenance with an electronic cleaner and remove any corrosion from the connections. Reassemble everything and check if the error has disappeared. If the problem persists, you will need to completely replace this motor.
  7. If the problem persists, please repeat all the previous steps and make sure to follow everything to the letter: We recommend repeating everything mentioned above, but this time with more care and attention to detail in all the steps. Make sure you haven’t left any cables disconnected or screws missing during the maintenance process. It may be necessary to perform several checks to resolve this issue with your air conditioner. If the problem still persists, it might be time to leave the matter in the hands of air conditioning experts.
  8. Call an authorized Sanyo service for a more thorough inspection: If none of the previous steps have worked, it is possible that the error is more complicated to fix and may require professional intervention. That’s why we recommend calling Sanyo’s technical support and scheduling a home visit to have your air conditioner checked. We are confident they will give you an accurate diagnosis and proceed with the necessary repairs.

In summary, to conclude for today, the malfunction affecting Sanyo air conditioners and showing the h6 error code on the screen means there is a problem with the fan motor. The possible causes of this problem include lack of maintenance, a fault in the speed sensor, the capacitor, the wiring, or the motor itself. The possible solutions we recommend applying are the ones we have detailed earlier in this guide.

That’s all for today! Ideally, in this case, you should perform a thorough maintenance on your Sanyo air conditioner and then check if you really need to replace the motor that controls the indoor unit fan. We hope this article has been useful and that you have been able to solve this problem with your air conditioner. Good luck and see you next time!

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