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Ariston boiler error 1p4

error 1p4 boiler ariston

What is the fault of the 1p4 error Ariston that is affecting your boiler?

Having an Ariston brand boiler is one of the best decisions you could make. They are of very high quality and provide the performance you need for your home. However, like all appliances, the Ariston boilers errors are not immune to damages, especially if the issues arise due to a poor installation or inadequate maintenance.

The 1P4 error code that is affecting your Ariston boiler indicates that there is an issue with the water supply, and as a result, the boiler will not function correctly. Stay with us and keep reading; we will help you resolve this error code so you can continue using this boiler in your home.

The potential causes that might trigger this 1P4 error code in Ariston boilers could be the following:

  • Water leak in the heating circuit
  • Water leak in the distribution circuit
  • A faulty pressure sensor
  • Blocked or damaged water pump
  • Defective thermostat

How to fix the 1p4 error of the Ariston boiler?

Fortunately, this type of error is not difficult to resolve. The more complicated problems are usually electrical or electronic in nature, but this is a water distribution issue. Let's look at the potential solutions:

  1. Restart the Ariston boiler: Turn off your boiler and disconnect it from the power supply. Wait a few minutes and reconnect it. Sometimes a simple restart can reset all the sensors and make the errors disappear.
  2. Check the pressure gauge: This pressure should be between 1 and 1.5 bar. If it's below 1 bar, then open the filling tap and check again. Conversely, if the pressure exceeds 1.5 bar, slightly close the filling tap and check the boiler's pressure gauge again.
  3. Check for water leaks in the boiler: This error code arises from a water supply malfunction, so checking for potential leaks is a good idea. Inspect the heating circuit, the filling circuit, and the taps that let water in and out of the boiler.
  4. Inspect the water filter: It's possible the filter might be overdue for maintenance and is completely blocked. The filter's purpose is to ensure only water enters the boiler. If it's blocked, then water will not pass. You'll need to check it, clean it if necessary, or look for a replacement.
  5. Check the inlet and outlet water valves: The valves might not be functioning optimally. You'll need to inspect them, perform maintenance on them, or replace them with new ones.
  6. Examine the sensors for pressure, pressure switch, thermostat, and thermistor: All these are critical components ensuring the proper operation of your boiler. If any of these fails, it can trigger an error code that might be a false positive. Ensure these sensors are functioning correctly.
  7. Check the water pump: This device helps distribute water throughout your boiler's circuit. If it tends to fail, it will trigger the 1P4 error code on your Ariston boiler. Ensure that it's not blocked and functioning correctly; otherwise, you might need to perform some maintenance or replace it with a new one.
  8. Still unable to fix it? Repeat the previous steps: Ensure you follow everything we've outlined to the letter. Grab a multimeter and check that everything is working correctly.
  9. Seek technical support from Ariston: If you can't resolve the issue yourself, we recommend leaving it in the hands of an expert. We are confident that Ariston's technical service will assist you promptly and effectively, plus you have the company's warranty.

In summary, to resolve the 1P4 error code on Ariston boilers, you would need to:

  • Restart the boiler
  • Adjust the water pressure
  • Repair water leaks
  • Clean the filter and valves
  • Check the water pump
  • Ensure sensors are not corroded or damaged
  • Repeat the checks we've described
  • Contact Ariston's technical service

This error is very common in the Ariston Clas One and Ariston Genus One models.

Remember, keeping your boiler maintained ensures its optimal operation and prolongs its lifespan.

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