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Understand BAXIROCA Error Codes

List of Baxiroca brand appliances

Baxiroca boiler error codes

If you have a Baxiroca machine and it's not working, displaying an error code, stay calm. Such codes are a helpful guide pointing you to the root cause of any issue your machine may be facing. We present a selection of error codes for various situations, from power failures, electrical glitches, to mechanical part issues, and more. The key is to decipher the message Baxiroca displays and follow the specific instructions provided in the article for each error. We have prepared this so that your equipment continues its optimal performance.

History and Trajectory of Baxiroca

Baxiroca is a renowned brand in the heating and domestic hot water sector, with a solid trajectory that spans several decades. The company was born from the union of two historic brands, Baxi and Roca, each with a rich history in developing efficient and high-quality heating solutions.

Baxi, founded in the United Kingdom in 1866, has been noted for its innovation in the design and manufacture of heating systems. Over the years, Baxi has introduced numerous advanced technologies that have set new standards in energy efficiency and performance.

Roca, a Spanish company founded in 1917, began its journey manufacturing cast iron radiators. Over time, Roca expanded its product range to include boilers, water heaters, and other heating equipment, becoming a leader in the European market.

In 2005, both brands merged under the name Baxiroca, combining their strengths and experiences to offer a complete range of heating and domestic hot water solutions. This union has allowed Baxiroca to leverage the best of both traditions of innovation and quality.

Today, Baxiroca remains a benchmark in the sector, known for its commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and quality. With a global presence, the brand continues to develop products that enhance comfort and efficiency in homes, adapting to the changing needs of consumers.