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Error C6 Junkers Boiler

error c6 junkers boiler

What could this problem affecting the Junkers boiler mean?

Junkers boilers are synonymous with quality and durability, which is why they have prevailed in the market over time. However, even the best boiler equipment and systems can experience technical setbacks and difficulties that impair their operation. The C6 error code is one of them, and it tends to arise when the boiler detects an anomaly in the operation of the pressure switch or the fan.

This fault is a warning from the boiler trying to communicate with us, indicating that it needs attention in these critical components for its proper operation and functionality. Today, we bring you a guide so you can understand the causes and solutions that can affect your boiler and fix it to continue using it normally.

Keep in mind that this error code also affects the Euromaxx model of Junker boiler, and these are the potential causes that can cause this error code to appear on the device's screens:

  • Issues with the pressure switch: If the pressure switch is not functioning properly or is dirty and not properly maintained, it can cause problems in your boiler.
  • Defective or poorly maintained fan: A fan in poor condition can alter pressure and airflow, resulting in errors that may appear on the screen.
  • Obstructions, dirt, lack of maintenance in general: The accumulation of dirt can hinder the movement of the fan or affect the operation of the pressure switch.

These are the causes that can trigger this error on the screen, so take note because we will now explain the solutions so you can resolve this issue.

What could be the solution to the problem of error code C6 in the Junkers boiler?

We have prepared a list of possible solutions for this problem affecting your Junkers boiler. Follow the steps to the letter and pay attention to the details, as surely, with this guide, you will find the definitive solution:

  1. Turn off and disconnect the boiler to rule out temporary errors that the system may have: Let's perform this procedure, which is super simple and will not take you more than 15 minutes. Disconnect the boiler from the electrical outlet for about 15 minutes. By doing this procedure, we will reset the boiler's sensors and possibly find a solution to this problem. Once the 15 minutes with the boiler disconnected have passed, you can reconnect it and turn it on to check if the problem has disappeared.
  2. Check your boiler's pressure switch to verify its operation and connections: You can visually check the pressure switch to see if it is very dirty or poorly maintained. You need to make sure that the pressure switch is correctly connected to the boiler and pipes. Take the opportunity to also check its wiring and make sure there are no loose or damaged wires, and that the connections are not sulfated or in poor condition. Check that the pipes connected to the pressure switch are not blocked or obstructed, and if so, clean and clear them. If you notice that the pressure switch is not working correctly, replace it with a new one that is compatible with your boiler model.
  3. Perform preventive maintenance on your Junkers boiler to ensure its optimal operation: Give your boiler a check-up to perform good preventive maintenance, clean all the soot that may have accumulated on the components and the smoke outlet or exhaust. Focus your efforts on the pressure switch and the fan. Clean any traces of soot, dust, and dirt that the boiler may have inside and then check if the error has disappeared.
  4. Check the internal wiring of your boiler and connectors, especially those of the fan and pressure switch: Make sure the wiring is in good condition and that the connectors are firmly attached, both on the PCB electronic card and on the fan and pressure switch of your boiler. You need to check for sulfate on the connectors and proceed with cleaning to completely remove it. You can use an electronic cleaner or a sulfate remover chemical to help you with this task, also use a bristle brush to clean everything well and ensure a good connection. Check that the wiring is not loose, cut, burned, scorched, melted, etc. In case you find any kind of problem, you need to make the necessary repairs as appropriate.
  5. Check your boiler's fan and perform maintenance if necessary: Check if the fan is visibly stuck and that when you try to turn it, it produces some force and you notice it as stuck. Clean any dust, soot, and dirt that may have accumulated on both its blades and the middle motor. The fan must rotate freely and without any jamming, it should not get stuck with absolutely anything, and it must have good speed and stability when rotating.
  6. Replace the fan of your Junkers boiler with a new one that is compatible: If you realize that there is some kind of problem with your fan and that it cannot be repaired, then you will have to replace it with a new one. If after all the checks and maintenance this error persists, consider replacing the fan. In that case, uninstall the fan from your boiler and look for a replacement that is compatible with your boiler model.
  7. Check the gas and/or water pipes for obstructions or supply faults: Make sure both the water and gas supplies are operational, active, and functioning at full capacity. If you think it necessary to call the companies that provide the service, do so to rule out any problems with your supply or if there is scheduled maintenance in your area and they have cut off the supply for a few hours. Also, you need to check if the shut-off valves for these two supplies are fully open, as a partially open valve can decrease gas pressure or water flow, and your boiler may not work correctly.
  8. If the problem persists, you need to go over everything we have mentioned in this guide: Carefully review each point we have mentioned in this guide to rule out any probable cause of this error code. If you do not feel confident enough to make the repairs yourself, you can always call Junkers technical support to do it for you. But before making this call, we encourage you to briefly review everything we have described in this article.
  9. Call Junkers technical support without fear and request a home visit for a thorough review of your boiler: You have followed all the steps and have not been able to solve the problem yourself, so it is time to leave the problem in the hands of the boiler experts. Contact and call the official Junkers technical service and/or a qualified technician you trust to help you solve this problem. A boiler professional will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and make the necessary repairs, in addition to having the appropriate spare parts and tools for this purpose and offering you a guarantee for the work done.

To conclude, we have that the C6 error code in Junkers boilers can be caused by issues with the pressure switch or the fan of the device. Among the various causes that can cause this problem, we have that it may be problems directly with the pressure switch, poor connection of the pressure switch, a defective fan, or one that is very dirty and stuck to operate correctly, and/or a lack of general preventive maintenance on your boiler. To solve this failure, you can follow the steps we have recommended in this guide so that you can fix it yourself. If you are not confident enough to fix your boiler or are afraid to uncover and solve it yourself, remember that you can always rely on Junkers technical support.

We hope we have helped you solve this problem and that you can continue to use your boiler normally. Remember that good preventive maintenance can be the solution to all the problems your boiler has and can help you avoid this type of inconvenience in the future. Good luck and see you next time!

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