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Miele Washer machine Error 138

miele washer machine error 138

What does it mean when the Miele washer displays this error on the screen?

Did you know that the Miele brand comes from Germany and has been founded for over 120 years? This undoubtedly tells us that the Miele brand is one of the most long-lived in the market. Being in business for over 120 years means they've been doing something very well, and we can see that in the quality of all their appliances.

Miele washers are renowned for their quality and efficiency, but they are not exempt from errors and technical faults, especially when they have not been properly maintained. One of these faults is the error code 138 or F138, which alerts about a water leak in the system. It's important to resolve this issue as soon as possible, as an unattended leak can cause anything from minor inconveniences to significant damage to your washer.

This fault is triggered in your Miele washer when the system detects moisture where it shouldn't be, specifically in the drip tray of the washer. This warning is a protective measure to prevent major damage, both to the washer and the surrounding environment. Identifying the source of the leak is essential to effectively and safely resolve the problem. So, let's see what are the possible causes that can lead to it:

  • Leaks in the hoses and/or in their connections: Hoses can suffer wear or damage over time, resulting in leaks in the water circuit of your washer.
  • Deteriorated door seal or expired gasket: A deteriorated door seal can allow water to escape, as well as an expired or hardened gasket due to the internal heat of the washer.
  • Obstructions in the drainage system: Objects like clips, coins, bills, buttons, among others, can clog your washer's filter, causing it to collapse and overflow water inside the washer.
  • Damaged components, defective parts: Parts and components such as the water pump, filters, hoses, seals, and connections may be defective and cause leaks in the water circuit.

These are the causes that can lead to this fault occurring in your Miele washer. But you don't have much to worry about because we have the solution in this same guide of tips. Keep reading and stay with us!

Can we find a solution to the failure of error 138 on the Miele washer?

These are the solutions we have prepared for you so you can fix this issue in your Miele washer. If you follow the steps exactly, you could have your washer up and running today and solve the fault in your precious appliance:

  1. Turn off and unplug the Miele washer from the power outlet for a few minutes: This is the first step to try to solve the problem with your washer, as this procedure can reset its sensors and clear temporary errors or false positives. To do this, you would need to turn off the washer and unplug it from the power outlet for about 15 to 20 minutes. Although it seems like a simple thing to do, this could get your washer back to working smoothly. Once the time has passed, reconnect the washer and turn it on to check if the error code has disappeared. If the fault persists, then you will need to delve deeper into the problem with your washer.
  2. Dry the drip tray of your Miele washer: We know that this problem has started because the drip tray has filled up and the washer detects that it will overflow with water if it continues like this. What you can do is remove the accumulated water using a dry cloth, and gradually remove the water until this drip tray is completely dry. After doing this procedure, restart your washer by repeating step 1, and your washer will likely continue to function normally. However, this is only a temporary solution because most likely your washer has an internal leak causing the drip tray to accumulate excess water. So, if you want to get to the root of the problem, you will need to continue inspections, but this time on the internal part of your washer.
  3. Inspect and replace the hoses of your Miele washer if necessary: Check the condition of the hoses and replace them if you find any damage. These hoses are very important, as they move water throughout the circuit of your washer, so these hoses must be in perfect working condition, without exception. Check for any leaks, breaks, cracks, or excessive bending. Also, check the joints and connections of these hoses, make sure they are in good condition and leak-free. Once you have made the necessary repairs, move on to the next step.
  4. Check the door seal and gasket of your Miele washer: It often happens that the internal heat of the washer when using hot water deteriorates the seals and gaskets of the door. This is because the heat hardens the gaskets, causing them to crack and lose their permeability over time. This problem can cause a water leak to accumulate in your washer, dripping into the drip tray and causing the error in question. Check the gasket and seals of your washer door and replace them if necessary to prevent future leaks in the appliance.
  5. Clean the drainage system of your washer and the filters: Remove any obstruction that may be causing a water buildup in the internal circuit of your washer. It often happens that washer filters accumulate clips, buttons, lint, coins, among other things, causing them to clog and water to end up overflowing somewhere. Check the entire drainage system thoroughly, and if you detect that the filter may be damaged or see it broken anywhere, then you will need to replace it with a new one compatible with your Miele washer model.
  6. If the problem persists, review all the above and pay attention to details: Additional inspection may help identify the problem that you may have overlooked. Make sure you have followed all the steps to the letter and have not skipped any of the steps we have mentioned in this guide of tips. If the problem still persists or you do not feel capable of fixing this fault with your washer, then we recommend leaving the problem in the hands of experts in Miele washers.
  7. Call Miele technical support and arrange for a home visit: After having evaluated the internal components of your Miele washer and having followed all the steps we have taught you, if you suspect that your Miele washer has some internal damage that you believe you cannot fix, consider calling or visiting a technician. Contact Miele technical support for a professional and thorough inspection. We are confident that Miele will provide you with an appropriate solution according to your case, and you will be able to continue using your washer normally.

In summary, we can tell you the following: The error code 138 or F138 in Miele washers indicates a water leak and that the drip tray has filled with water. The causes can range from damaged hose connections to deteriorated door seals. Solutions include drying the drip tray, inspecting and replacing damaged components, and cleaning obstructions in the washer filter. If the error persists or you find it too complicated to fix by yourself, it is advisable to contact Miele technical support for a professional review.

That's it! Following these steps will help you fix the problem and keep the washer running smoothly. We hope we have helped you a lot today. Good luck!

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