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Aeg Induction plaque Error e8

error e8 induction plaque aeg

What is the fault of the e8 Aeg error that is affecting your induction hob?

Have you noticed that your AEG induction plaque is showing an e8 error code? This can be frustrating, but there are causes and solutions to reverse the problem, we will explain the causes that can cause this problem, as well as the solutions so that you can start using your precious appliance again.

The problem is due to a failure in the electrical phase of the connection in your induction hob. You have to take into account that this type of error can also affect AEG ceramic hobs in the same way, that is, this failure is not exclusive only to induction hobs.

To identify the root of the problem, here is a numbered list of possible causes that could be affecting your AEG induction hob or ceramic hob and showing the e8 error code:

  • Presence of insufficient electrical voltage: This can happen if the induction hob is connected to a low-power outlet. The power supply is not enough, and that's why it shows the e8 error code on both your induction hob and your AEG ceramic hob.
  • Voltage variation in the electrical line: This can be caused by sudden power outages, electrical failures at home, poor electrical installations, etc. This series of inconveniences in your electrical system causes voltage variations that are not compatible with your induction hob or ceramic hob, generating the annoying e8 error code.

How to solve the Aeg induction hob e8 error?

Next, we present you with an enumerated list of possible solutions to this problem, and of course, with a brief explanation of how to execute them all. Of course, you must take special care when executing each and every one of these solutions due to them involving electrical issues:

  1. Reset the induction cooktop or your vitroceramic: This can be done by turning it off for at least 15 seconds and then turning it back on. This solution, although it may seem obvious, usually fixes most problems because it restarts all the sensors of the appliance.
  2. Check the electrical connection line: The cables that run from your wall outlet to the appliance must be in perfect condition and of the appropriate resistance and thickness to withstand the heat generated by the current. If these cables are inadequate or improperly connected, they can burn or overheat more than recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Verify the power supply: Induction cooktops and vitroceramics require adequate power supply. If there is a low voltage in the power supply, the e8 error code may be activated. You have to check your electrical system, specifically what is related to the feeding phases.
  4. You can check that you have done everything right: Repeat the steps mentioned above if necessary to make sure you have followed everything to the letter.
  5. Consult a qualified technician or electrician: If the problem continues and you cannot get your induction cooktop or vitroceramic to work, then it is time to call a professional to help you. We are confident that technical support can help you solve your problem and preserve the integrity of your investment safely.

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