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Aeg Dishwasher Error 20

error 20 dishwasher aeg

What is the fault of the error 20 Aeg that is affecting your dishwasher?

Do you have an AEG dishwasher and are you getting the error code 20? This is a very common problem, and we will explain what causes it and what you can do to solve it. Please note that error code 20 is the same code as "e20", so the cause and possible solutions would be the same. We will explain what error 20 and e20 are all about, so let's get started.

The error 20 on the AEG dishwasher errors usually occurs when the water level is too low or there is some problem related to the water supply to your appliance. It's time to solve this problem and we will explain how to do it.

As a side note, AEG dishwashers sensorlogic and favorit models are also prone to these errors. So if you have error code 20 on your sensorlogic dishwasher and error code 20 on your favorit dishwasher, then you are in the right place to discover why this problem is occurring and how to solve it.

Why does the error 20 occur on the AEG dishwasher? The error 20 occurs because the device has a sensor that detects whether there is (or isn't) enough water in your dishwasher. If there is not enough water, the device does not start the water discharge to wash the dishes. The most common cause of this error is a lack of water, which can be caused by a loose or collapsed shut-off valve.

In addition, this error can be caused by electromechanical components. These components are responsible for controlling the water level in your dishwasher. If any of them are damaged, the device will detect that the water level is too low and display error 20.

How to fix Aeg dishwasher error 20?

Next, we explain a list of possible solutions if your AEG dishwasher displays error code 20:

  1. Add more water to your dishwasher: If there is a lack of water, the device may display error code 20. Simply add water to the drawer to solve this inconvenience.
  2. Check the operation of the shut-off valve: This valve is connected to the supply pipe and is responsible for controlling the flow of water in the dishwasher design. If there is a problem with the valve's operation, the device will display error code 20.
  3. Check the electromechanical components: If the sensors or other components are damaged, it may be necessary to check them to reconnect the wiring. Verify that the sensors are correctly connected and working. If they are sulfated, they will need to be cleaned.
  4. Reset the controls: If the above procedures do not work, then you will need to reset the controls. This way, you will restart the device and all the components will go back to their place.
  5. If the problem persists: Try again by running all the steps described above. This time step by step and with patience, we are sure you can solve it.
  6. A qualified technician can help: If the problem persists and you could not fix this error on your own, calling a qualified technician is a very good idea. This personnel can help you get your appliance back up and running.

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