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Aeg washer Error ef0

error ef0 washer aeg

What is the fault of the ef0 Aeg error that is affecting your washing machine?

If you have error code "ef0" on your AEG washing machine, you have probably wondered why it happens and how to fix it. Don't worry! In this article, we will explain what the ef0 error means on your AEG washing machine and how to fix it.

The ef0 error usually appears when you load your AEG washing machine. Its meaning is "flow error" or "fluid error". This means that the washing machine is not receiving the water it needs to complete the washing cycle. The ef0 error can be caused by various factors that contribute to this fluid error, including:

  • Worn water inlet gasket.
  • Clogged water inlet valve.
  • Dirty water filter.
  • Motor failure.
  • Very low water pressure.

But you don't have much to worry about! The ef0 error is quick and easy to fix.

How to solve the ef0 error of Aeg washing machine?

Here are some ways to fix the ef0 error on your AEG washing machine. Give these a try:

  1. Disconnect your washing machine: After disconnecting, wait a few minutes and then turn it back on.
  2. Use less detergent: If you use too much detergent, the foam can clog the valves, filter, and cause the washing machine to not work properly.
  3. Check the water inlet gasket and door gasket: These gaskets should be in good condition, as they supply the liquid to your washing machine for proper operation.
  4. Check the water filter: If this filter is dirty or clogged, the water supply to your washing machine can be very poor.
  5. Check the water pipe or faucet: Make sure your washing machine has a good water supply. If the faucet is closed, open it and check if the error has been corrected.
  6. Check the inlet valves: Make sure they are not clogged or dirty. They may need simple maintenance.
  7. Check the water pressure: The water flow should be constant and abundant.
  8. If you have already tried all of these steps and the problem persists, then double-check to make sure you have not skipped any steps.
  9. If the problem persists, you will need to call a qualified technician in AEG washing machines to help you with this problem and make the necessary adjustments. This way you can continue to use your machine with peace of mind.

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Erros codes Posible problems
11 Blockage in water inlet
42 Door problem
43 Door problem
e02 Heating system error
e10 Lack of water pressure or breakdown in the pumping system
e20 Drain failure
e21 Does not drain well in the wash cycle
e40 Door problem
e41 Door closing problem
e60 Excess of water
e66 Security block error
e73 Excessively high temperature
e8 Problem with water supply or pump
e91 Electric problem
ef0 fluid error
ef3 Various miscellaneous problems
ef4 Problem in water supply