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Aeg Washer Error e20

error e20 washer aeg

What is the fault of the e20 Aeg error that is affecting your washing machine?

Have you ever encountered the "e20" error code on your AEG washing machine display? This particular error code refers to a drainage failure in your AEG washing machine. Although not as serious as other errors, this situation can be a problem if you do not take the time to identify the cause and steps to resolve it. That's why we will explain the main causes of the "e20" error code along with recommended solutions below.

The "E20" error code on the AEG washing machine indicates a drainage problem, which is easily solvable by identifying the specific cause.

There are several different reasons why the "E20" error code may appear on your AEG washing machine. The drain hose may be clogged. This is because washing machine debris can clog the drain hose, making the washing machine unable to properly dispose of water.

The AEG washing machine filter is dirty or blocked. If the filter is clogged, it is possible that the washing machine will not be able to properly drain the water. The pressure switch may also be failing, causing the washing machine to not properly dispose of water.

How to solve the error e20 of Aeg washing machine?

If your AEG washing machine is displaying the error code "e20", below are some recommended solutions for this issue:

  1. Check the drainage tube to ensure it is not clogged. In some cases, a foreign object may have become entangled inside the drainage tube, blocking the water flow.
  2. Check the washing machine filter to see if it is dirty or blocked. If the filter is blocked, the washing machine may not be able to properly drain water.
  3. Check the pressure switch to see if it is functioning properly. If the pressure switch is faulty, replace the component to prevent the error from occurring again, although this solution is best done by a qualified technician.
  4. If the above steps do not work, try resetting the device in case it has hung up. This will temporarily eliminate the error, although in most cases you should repeat the previous steps to ensure that the problem has been completely resolved.
  5. Don't use too much powder detergent: Using too much detergent can cause excessive foam to clog the drain pipe. If this happens, then move your washing machine by shaking the drum several times. You could also wash the pump and filter with hot water (without detergent).
  6. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to call a professional technician to check your washing machine.

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Erros codes Posible problems
11 Blockage in water inlet
42 Door problem
43 Door problem
e02 Heating system error
e10 Lack of water pressure or breakdown in the pumping system
e20 Drain failure
e21 Does not drain well in the wash cycle
e40 Door problem
e41 Door closing problem
e60 Excess of water
e66 Security block error
e73 Excessively high temperature
e8 Problem with water supply or pump
e91 Electric problem
ef0 fluid error
ef3 Various miscellaneous problems
ef4 Problem in water supply